Complete Web Design

In this day and age, even the smallest of businesses needs to have a presence on the web. Even if you are not selling products or services online, a web page helps customers find you as they search for outlets for selling the goods they wish to purchase. If they know of your existence, they may want to find out your location, phone number, see a map, or see a sample of what you sell.

For a brick and mortar store, an online cart can add a significant increase in overall income. Before retiring in 2008, Roxanne of Carriage House Quilt Shoppe in Plano found that the internet had become a large portion of her overall sales. When Roxanne retired in 2008 and closed the store, online business had increased so much that monthly online sales in 2008 exceeded the overall online sales for the whole year of 2004.

Quilting Web offers a complete web service to the small business. We offer web page creation, web page maintenance and web page hosting. We will do as much or as little is needed. Our rates are very reasonable.

For instance a long arm quilting business may only need a few pages to show a gallery of their work and their rates. The business may never actually make sales online, but having an online presence makes that long arm quilter easily found by people who want their quilts professionally quilted, and get more clients overall. A quilt shop should at the very least have a web page providing their location, and perhaps telling a little about their range. Additionally selling quilting goods online would provide a way to do continually grow their quilt business, and is an increasingly popular way to shop for quilters.

Don't let your business be overlooked by potential customers. Establish a web presence. Contact Sharni at Quilting Web and allow us to get your business "on the net".

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